Formateur Hon. Member of Parliament (MP) Theodore Heyliger during his deliberations with political factions as well as with individual MPs who have been elected to Parliament based on the August 29, 2014 parliamentary elections, as of Thursday, October 9th, the United People’s (UP) party/Cornelius de Weever coalition, has received the support of two additional MPs leading to a broad-base government for the country of 10-seats in the House of Parliament.

Formateur Theodore Heyliger met with the Leader of the Democratic Party (DP) Hon. MP-elect Sarah Wescot-Williams who has agreed to support the existing agreed upon governing accord of the UP/Cornelius de Weever coalition; as well as supporting the division of ministerial portfolios of the aforementioned coalition for the governing period 2014-2018.

MP-elect Hon. Leona Marlin-Romeo has also agreed to support the UP/Cornelius de Weever coalition based on the existing agreements and portfolio division.

Formateur Heyliger said this is a very positive development for the country where it concerns political stability for the upcoming four-year governing period.