Message from the acting Chief of Police regarding threats to members of the police.

There is a photo currently being circulated on social media (face book), of some-one pointing an illegal firearm at a Police Patrol car. As Acting Chief of Police, I would hereby like to send a strong message stating, that this behavior will not be tolerated whether in jest or not. I want the perpetrators to know that the same methods we used to find the photo, we will employ the same efforts and means to find the persons responsible for this punishable act. I would also like to warn the persons reposting and helping to spread this photo, to cease and refrain from doing so as this only serves to create fear within the community and you will be held accountable. ( See pic below)
The police have been carrying out numerous controls and operations both visible to the public and behind the scenes, to curb crime and to rid the streets of illegal weapons; I want to make it known to those criminal elements in our society that we the police ‘ will not be intimidated, we will not be deterred from our mission and we will not back down.’ Threatening a police officer is a very serious crime punishable by law. It is something we take very seriously and will be launching a full investigation into this criminal act.
We the Korps Politie Sint Maarten; have collaborated with the French Police on a campaign called: Stop. Drop & Go, which will be officially launched on October 15th 2014. This program allows persons in possession of illegal firearm/s to bring their weapons to the office of the Solicitor General on Welfare road and drop them off, without fear of prosecution- no questions asked?
I am strongly advising persons in possession of illegal firearm/s to take advantage of this program, because once this grace period is over, anyone found in possession of any illegal weapon, will be prosecuted.
I also want to use this opportunity to thank members of the community who have been giving the police their full support, we are committed to continue our mandate to ‘protect and to serve’, but can only do so effectively if we have the cooperation and support from the community.

Commissioner Carl John
Acting Chief of Police