Two suspects shot while fleeing from police

On Monday, October 6th at approximately 12.15 p.m. police officers received information from the Central Police Dispatch that two vehicles, one a grey Kia with license plate M-4880 and a white Toyota Corolla with license plate (P or M) 9240 while driving in the St. Peters area had threatened some-one with a gun. After committing this act they left the scene in the direction of the L.B. Scot road. Immediately patrols went into that direction to locate both vehicles and to arrest the suspects in question. The grey Kia was seen driving on the L.B. Scot road in the direction of the Grand Marche. Immediately this vehicle was pursued by a police patrol and stopped on the parking lot of “Cost-U-Less”. When the officers approached the vehicle, the passenger of the vehicle aimed a gun at the officers which caused them to pull their weapons and one officer fired a single shot at the passenger side door. At the same time a back-up police patrol arrived on the scene. The officers saw when two suspects jumped out of the car and ran in the direction of the cricket field. The police officers chased the suspects on foot and while running away one of the suspects who had a fire-arm in his hand turned and aimed it at the officers. In their defense the officers had no other choice than to pull their fire-arm. Shots were fired at the legs of the suspects however they continued fleeing by jumping over fences and running through yards in the neighborhood. While running away the officers saw that suspect dropped his fire-arm and continued running. At this point the officers lost sight of the suspects. Shortly after both suspects were found hiding behind of a building. The suspect B.D. (21) was shot in his right leg and K. L. (25) was shot in his left leg. Both suspects were arrested and treated by paramedics on the scene. Both suspects were transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. The scene was closed-off in order for the Forensic Department to collect evidence. The fire-arm which is a caliber .45 “Glock” was confiscated for further investigation. Traffic in that area was also temporarily diverted. After treatment at the Sint Maarten medical Center both suspects were released in police custody where they will remain for further investigation.
The police department is working with limited resources and sometimes under extreme conditions to rid the streets of illegal fire-arms and other criminal activity taking place on the island. The arrest of two arrests in this case would not have been as successful without the assistance of the community. The Police Department is encouraging to community to continue calling in and giving the police information regarding any crime or criminal activity.