Suspect arrested for fencing and illegal fire-arm possession

On Thursday October 2nd at approximately 06.00 p.m. a Philipsburg police patrol was informed by the Central Police Dispatch that the suspect with initials J.F. for whom a warrant for his arrest was issued, was seen driving a silver colored vehicle, in the vicinity of Madame Estate. Immediately the patrol headed in that direction in order to locate and arrest the suspect in question. The suspect is well-known by police to carry fire-arm. When the suspect saw the police approaching him, he jumped out of the car and took-off running. The officers chased the suspect on foot through the Over the Pond area. After a short chase of the suspect he was arrested on the A. Th. Illidge road. During his arrest the suspect resisted heavily but was soon put in handcuffs. During a search of the suspect a .40 caliber pistol was found on the suspect. This weapon was confiscated for further investigation. The suspect was taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where he remains in custody for further investigation.