Donor SZV Officially Hands Over Mobile Health Services Bus to VSA

The Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour (VSA) and by extention the people of St. Maarten are officially the proud new owners of the Mobile Health Services bus which was donated by Social Health Insurances (SZV). The official signing of the transfer documents and keys were handed over by the Deputy Director/COO of SZV, Mr. Willemsberg to Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour (VSA) Cornelius de Weever on Thursday afternoon. Tomorrow the bus will receive its L- license plate and become officially registered as a government vehicle and maintained as such by Facility Management under the supervision of Department Head Rignald Martina.
“SZV looks forward to working together with the Ministry of VSA to ensure sustainability of the project. The bus will be used as another tool especially for Collective Prevention Services (CPS) to build upon their existing programmes and help people to become more health conscious which will in the long term result in lowering costs of medical care”, stated Mr. Willemsburg.
“Acquiring the bus brings St. Maarten one step closer to accomplishing our goals on improved health care and prevention services. Reducing overall health care costs on St. Maarten will continue to be the focus moving forward. We believe and it is has been proven that focusing on prevention within the community is essential to achieving our goal and we are glad that SZV shares this vision with us” said Minister de Weever at the handing over ceremony on Thursday.
Unfortunately, Dr. Virginia Asin, Head of Collective Prevention Services, who Minister de Weever mentioned as the “mother” of the project was not able to be present as she is currently representing St. Maarten at the 53rd PAHO Directing Council in Washington, D.C. However, the Minister stated that upon her return at the end of October an official celebratory launch will take place in honor of yet another achievement within public health.
The importance of partnerships within Government institutions and organisation but also with outside organisations was mentioned as a fundamental aspect to the implementation process, and many NGOs are eager to begin with the outreach activity project, Wellness on Wheels (WOW).
The people of St. Maarten have the opportunity to get a glimpse of Wellness on Wheels (WOW) in action as the new bus premieres at the annual Pink Parade hosted by Positive Foundation and Elektralytes Foundation today. The bus will accompany the Pink Parade around Philipsburg and the staff of the Ministry of VSA will be handing out some water and red apples. In support of their colleague, founder of Still Beautiful foundation, and breast cancer survivor Marcellina Loblack, the staff at the Ministry of VSA who will take part in the parade will all be wearing her foundations shirt.
The general population at large is invited to The route for the Pink Parade will start at the University of St. Martin, turn right on to the Walter Nisbeth Road, left to the Long Wall Road, Front Street, turn left to the Juancho Yrasquin Boulevard, left on Walter Nisbeth Road to the University of St. Martin. Participants will be accompanied by brass, drum and steel bands. Come out in support of those affected by breast cancer and get a glimpse at the new bus that will be visiting each community offering free health services.