2014 World Teachers Day Message from C.U.T. President Marvin Andall

My Dear Colleagues,
Happy World Teachers Day to you. The member units of the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) join millions of teachers across the globe in celebrating World Teachers’ Day on 5th October 2014. We consider the day a significant token of the awareness, understanding and appreciation displayed in recognition of the vital contribution teachers make to education and development. Furthermore, we invite everyone to be a part of the celebrations of the thousands of teachers in this region who have dedicated their time and energy to teaching children and adults.
This year’s theme, “It all starts with a qualified teacher”, is a reminder that teacher quality is a critical factor to achieve quality education. The CUT is convinced that there is a positive relationship between teacher quality and the success of any educational system. The theme is also a clarion call to those of us who advocate on behalf of teachers to be resolute in our struggle to secure opportunities for continued professional advancement of teachers.
We, the C.U.T, are of the conviction that we should remain steadfast in ensuring that teachers’ rights are protected, their professional freedom is respected and that they have proper remuneration and decent working conditions.
Success in education starts with a qualified teacher who through their hard work can develop citizens who are much more capable of independent critical thinking and can contribute to the health and welfare of their community and the world at large. Qualified teachers have the skills to help nations develop citizens who are capable of seizing the economic opportunities which are presented in the global environment.
Furthermore, I sincerely believe that John Wooden had divine inspiration when he said, “I think the teaching profession contributes more to the future of society than any other profession.” Most great achievers were inspired by a teacher and we feel proud to be members of this really important and noble profession.
I call on all teachers to continue to create and maintain communities of learning in our schools and teachers unions. We must continue to share best practices and experiences among our colleagues. May we endeavor to make this challenging profession rewarding and enjoyable for ourselves and all others in this great line of work.
Let us recommit ourselves to supporting the work of the teachers’ union, the CUT and Education International in our schools and our various territories.
Best wishes for an enjoyable, meaningful, and memorable celebration of World Teachers Day 2014.
Marvin Andall
Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT)