UTS supports October breast cancer awareness month

UTS has again put its support behind the breast cancer awareness movement with its endeavor to help create awareness and encourage early detection of breast cancer in the local community. The company has been supporting this cause and collaborating with local foundations for many years; each year in a different way to keep the message interesting and relevant. This year the company will have a different sales activity every Friday, of which part of the proceeds will go towards breast cancer awareness in the community.
“We are happy to be able to assist our local foundations again this year in their objective to educate and move local women and men to action.” says UTS Marketing and Communication Officer, Ivy Lambert “Finding cancer early saves lives and can also mean that the cancer is easier to treat. The earlier you can diagnose and start treatment, the better your chance of successful treatment. Breast screening is a very effective way of spotting breast cancer early, but it is not the only way. Cancer can occur at any time, even between screenings. It is therefore important to be breast aware between mammograms and do regular checks. Education is important, but aside from that communication is also key. By dressing our sales force in pink and doing some active promotions around breast cancer awareness our goal is to get people talking. You may be surprised to know what your female friend knows. The goal is to talk to one another regularly and share information. Know that being aware can save your life and your friend or family members.” Lambert continues.