Four arrested as suspects in armed robbery

On Wednesday September 24th at approximately 12.45 p.m. several police patrols were directed to Family Dream Supermarket located on the Well road in Cole bay to investigate an armed robbery which took place at that establishment shortly before. The report stated that a young man dressed completely in dark clothing with his face covered and brandishing a handgun stormed into the supermarket and while threatening the cashier forced her to handover the money. After committing this act the suspect fled on foot through the nearby streets. The investigating officers started a search in the area which led to a house on the Union road. This house is well known to police, as a place where young men would sit under the trees to sell and use drugs. At that address four young men were sitting under the trees next to an old car. During a search of this vehicle several pieces of clothing and footwear matching the description of the clothing and footwear the suspect was wearing were found during the robbery. As the search continued a black revolver was found in the dashboard of the car. The clothing and weapon were confiscated for further investigation. All four suspects with initials J.L. (19), J.G (29), G.L.C (20) and J.R.S (23) were arrested in connection with this investigation and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station for questioning. The investigation into this case in ongoing.