NAGICO Lend-a-Hand Food Drive

NAGICO Insurances in collaboration with their Agents/Brokers have taken the initiative in helping the less fortunate by launching the NAGICO Lend-a-Hand Food Drive project region wide. On St. Maarten, this project was implemented as of Friday September 19th and will continue until Friday December 19th 2014. Those interested in making donations of canned food and non-perishable items can do so at any NAGICO location or at NAGICO Agent/Broker offices. Simply look for the green containers marked with NAGICO Lend a Hand artwork.

“As good corporate citizens it is our responsibility to continuously give back to the communities in which we work in the 19 territories we serve around the Caribbean. That is ‘The NAGICO Way’. We opted to go beyond a traditional donation or sponsorship and strive to make it a real community effort to help the less fortunate. Together, many ripples can make a huge wave”, said NAGICO Executive Marketing Manager, Paul Dijkhoffz.

NAGICO welcomes donations from everyone in the St. Maarten/St. Martin community, including: staff, Agents/Brokers, customers and non-customers. All items collected from the food drive will be distributed to organizations in the community that actively help those in need in time just before the Christmas holiday period.