Arrest in investigation Iron

On September 12, 2014 a 21-year-old man, A.R.S.R. was arrested in Sint Maarten on suspicion of murder/manslaughter and/or rape. The arrest took place in the investigation “Iron”, that started in 2010 after the death of the then 20 year old woman Clemencia Julot.

Clemencia Julot was found on Thursday, July 22, 2010 in the bushes along the Oyster Pond Road between Borderbar and Casablanca. She was missing since July 20, 2010 and was killed by violence.


The investigation was conducted by a partnership of KPSM, RST and the French Gendarmerie. In 2013 the investigation was restarted, which led to the arrest of the suspect. The suspect is already brought before the judge of instruction who ordered his further pre-trial detention.


Given the current investigation the public prosecution service will not give further comments.