Minister Lake says we need to stop the petty politics and raise the bar of professional politics with the people at heart

Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake says he has taken note of the discussions in the Central Committee meeting of Friday, September 19 with respect to budget amendments.

“As the Minister of ‘Back to Basics,’ and as an elected representative of the people, my slogan for the new parliamentary year in parliament is going to be, ‘Raise the bar, take our Country to the next level.’

“Traveling to Parlatino meetings needs to be prioritized. Those funds that are saved should go to employ legal assistants who can help draft laws for parliamentarians.

“I was amazed by the low level performance of some during the past Parliamentary year which spent so much time playing dangerous games and petty politics, and trying to fire me rather than passing laws and legislation for the people.

“Precious parliamentary time was spent trying to embarrass me instead of spending time dealing with the people’s business. Focusing on the people’s issues that impact them in their daily lives, is the type of representation that the people want. That’s why you have those that have not been re-elected by the people, because they were not happy with their performance

“It seems now that there is a movement to try and nullify the Vorst agreement and hold me accountable, but I did it from a good heart for the people of this country. To provide employment for the unemployed, and to provide housing for our professionals, seniors and others who need homes.

“I am ready to defend my case. There are those who went out and changed the price for the Emilio Wilson Estate without the approval of the Council of Ministers. It seems that things are handled differently for different people. We need to be open and transparent with the people’s business,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake concluded.