Armed robberies reported/Police asks for input from the community

No less than 6 armed robberies on supermarkets were reported during September 15th through September 20th. These robberies took place in the areas of Nazareth, Sucker Garden, Fort Willem and Cole bay. During these robberies the sales profit of the day or at least part thereof was taken from the cash register by masked suspects armed mainly with guns and who would not hesitate to use them. During one robbery on victim suffered an injury to his head. They robbers sometimes would also use weapons such machetes, knives and even baseball bats. This number of robberies committed is quite “an eye opener” and the police department is doing its utmost to catch these culprits and put them behind bars. Several of these robberies have been recorded by means of security surveillance cameras. Some of these robberies took place during the light of day or at night and were committed mostly by two or more suspects. While viewing these security tapes it was very noticeable that several persons were in the immediate area while the robbery is taking place and witnessed the entire incident. There are also witnesses who may have seen suspicious behavior of these persons prior to a robbery, but are reluctant to note down specific information concerning the robbers and vehicle used in the robbery which the police can use during the investigation. (Specifics such as: approximate height, weight, direction the suspects fled into, license plate number, type and color of vehicle used, etcetera). In most cases the police do not have all the necessary information to effectively carry-out their investigation and is more than willing to work along with the community to solve any case. The amount of eyes and ears increases when the community and police work together, which greatly increases the chances of catching those responsible for these criminal acts. Of great importance is; that when a crime is witnessed by anyone in the community, is to have it immediately reported to the police (calling 911), who can immediately “follow-up” on the information that was given to them. All in all the community plays a very essential role during any investigation which the police is quite aware of. The question is if the community is also aware how important their participation is during any investigation. Crime is not only a problem to be handled by police, it’s everybody’s problem. The community in partnership with the police should play an active role in crime prevention and fighting crime by giving the police any information they may have to help combat crime in general. In doing so; the community will definitely be taking the necessary measures to help prevent crime from knocking at their door.