Suspect in many car thefts arrested.

The suspect with the initials B.R.M. from the island of Grenada (39) who has been suspected for a series of car thefts on the French as well the Dutch side of the island has been arrested by police on Monday September 15th at approximately 02.00 p.m. on the Soualiga road. The suspect is suspected of numerous car thefts as far back as November 2013. A warrant for his arrest was issued as of July3rd 2014. The suspect was always able to escape his capture each time the police tried to arrest him. The suspect at one time during his escape assaulted one of the police officers. Numerous persons and even car rentals on the island have suffered for some time now of becoming victims of car theft. Many of these stolen cars have been resold to other at a cheap price or stripped of their parts which are also resold. The Detectives in charge of this investigation will be able to question the suspect who remains in custody concerning the many car thefts and to bring this investigation to an end.