Oualichi Female High School Soccer Tournament 2014 to start in October

“Registration for female high school teams now open”

 In an effort to further promote female soccer on the island the Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association is hosting its first ever-female high school soccer competition. The tournament will take place in October and November and thus far all high schools have been in talks with the women’s soccer association and are excited with the tournament.


Each high school will form a team of minimum of 9 players regardless of experience. Also a committee has been formed and is now charged with the organization of the tournament. Each school will have one student representative on the committee, which is being chaired by Ms. Agnes De Polo. This structure will not only allow for more girls to be active in sports but also be involved in the organizational aspect of sports activities. “We want to empower young women to be active leaders in their community and this platform is perfect as it is a tournament that will be organized by students for students.” Commented the president Ms. Danae Daal.  Schoolteachers who came on board are also very supportive and have started with helping establish the teams and eventually assisting in trainings.


The Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association, member of the Sint Maarten Soccer Association and Concacaf has as its main goal to promote and further develop female soccer on Sint Maarten. The association, in existence for almost two years now, has had many activities to promote the sports for women. From competing locally and internationally, expanding the team to include all age categories, to the recently held and very successful three-day summer camp for under twelve girls. Now the association is pushing the boundaries further by organizing a female high school competition. To also expand the knowledge, the women’s soccer association also has a Concacaf licensed D coach and also encourages more females to become coaches. Additionally, four members recently completed the referee course also provided by Concacaf. The association involves all in the community, other soccer clubs and government to ensure that this is done in unity as this benefits our women and girls at large.


November is the finals and the finalist schools will compete for the champion title. The Oualichi Women’s Soccer Association encourages all to come out during the competitions to support our young females. For more information about the high school competition contact the women’s soccer association at ou************@gm***.com or visit the website: www.oualichisoccer.com and Facebook page: Oualichi Women’s Soccer Team