On Saturday 6 September the scout year will open its doors again for the youth of Sint Maarten. Baloo Merlyn Schaminee, Chief Commissioner, in an interview says that after weeks of vacation she and the leaders are ready and prepared to guide our youth in the experience of Scouting. “Scouting is not something you teach children”, she goes on explaining. “Scouting is guiding and coaching children to explore and discover their own talents”.

Being a scout means mastering the Crafts of Scouting. These crafts begin with who you are. They help you see who you can become. They take you where you want to be. Crafts of Scouting is divided into 3 types: 1) Scoutcraft is preparing for Scouting’s adventures and for live; 2) Woodcraft is understanding, appreciating and caring for nature while you travel and live in the outdoors; 2) Campcraft is learning skills useful along the trail, in camp and beyond.

Scoutcraft, is what you do to prepare yourself to be the best Scout you can be. It’s about making the most of your talents to become an effective leader and a good citizen. It means getting into good physical shape so that you are ready for the outdoors, for sports and for remaining healthy. Scout craft also means staying mentally awake by understanding how you learn and by exploring the world around you. It includes understanding how to get along with others and using good judgment to make wise decisions. Mastering the first-aid skills of Scout craft will help you manage risks and act effectively during an emergency. Scout craft skills provide the building blocks you need to become a responsible young man/woman. They will help you apply the scout oath and Scout Law in your daily life. They can guide you as you become a leader in your patrol and troop and in your responsibilities as a member of your family and a citizen of your community and nation.

In the outdoors scouts can build a lasting enjoyment and appreciation for the natural world. This is called Woodcraft, the deep commitment to learning about and protecting nature. Woodcrafts also offer exciting ways for scouts to learn about the environment and to better understand the importance of the natural world. Woodcraft expects those who use the outdoors to accept responsibility for taking care of it. This is the principle of “leave no trace behind”. Woodcraft also encourages Scouts to give back to the land by helping conserve, restore and protect the environment.

Campcraft are all the skills scouts can use to hike, cook, navigate, and use modern and traditional tools. Campcraft is about being smart in planning your adventures, preparing for them and conduecting yourself once you are on your way. Using campcraft skills will challenge you and build your confidence. Understanding how to use and care for a pocketknife, a saw and an ax and knowing when NOT to use them, have always been important Scouting skills. Lashing together bridges, signal towers and other pioneering structures links boys and girls today with Scouting of the past. Being able to light a fire without using matches on a cold rainy day on the beach is a mark of an expert outdoorsperson.

Combined with Scoutcraft and Woodcraft, Campcraft prepares Scouts to take care of themselves in the outdoors while they take care of the outdoors too.

The Mohican Group of Scouting Antiano takes this opportunity to invite the youth of Sint Maarten to join our club and the Scout movement. Ms. Merlyn Schaminee-Miguel, District Commissioner and Mohican Group Leader, sends a call out to parents, care takers, teachers and school leaders to stimulate children to join the Scouting movement. The group meets every Saturday from 9.00 till 12.00 at their clubhouse in Retreat Estate.


For more information please contact Merlyn Schaminee-Miguel at (721) 542 4910 / 542 4925, Mob: (721) 520-1053.