Statements Magnus

This morning , August 29, 2014 , the Court of First Instance in Curacao verdict
pointed in the Magnus case.
Regarding the accused (now convicted ) ERK , a court in a
proven explanation came to him all facts alleged and ERK
sentenced to life imprisonment.
The Public Prosecution Service is very satisfied with this ruling , now the accused,
accordance with the requirement of the Public Prosecutor is not only convicted of all
facts which he had been charged with , but also life imprisonment
has been imposed .
It has been established to allow the public prosecutor in the trial data always conform
law and treaties and never acted impermissible pressure has
applied to the accused or witnesses in question.
The evidence also shows that considerations the Court to the conclusion that has come
the assassination of the late Helmin Wiels , contracts has taken place.
E.R.K. has , in the opinion of the Court, in cold blood , paying
money , three assassinations committed.
The research team, consisting of members of the Police Corps and the Curaçao
Criminal Investigation Team has for months fully deployed to the
Research finalize Magnus and bring to a good end and goes, reinforced
by this ruling , determination and dedication continue the investigation
Maximus , the investigation into the intellectual perpetrators.
Thanks to the help of the community, the murder of Mr. Wiels could
resolved and with further help from the community will also investigating the
intellectual perpetrators are completed , that they also are the judge
accountable for their actions.
With regard to the statements in the investigation against CSP and D.F.J.D. is concerned, the
Prosecution two weeks to appeal. the Public
Ministry will first have to study the judgment in detail and will then consider whether
they will appeal.