Notorious drunken driver gets convicted

In the past few months a man was involved in several traffic accidents on the island. Of course that happens sometimes, because people have bad luck, but fact is that this man was under the influence of alcohol every time he had an accident with his car. Luckily at the time of the accidents, no one was injured.
Police officers arrested the man suspected of driving while intoxicated and presented him to the assistant public prosecutor to verify if his arrest had any legal grounds.
The officers who handled the investigations in which the drunken driver was involved collected all the evidence that was needed to get this suspect in front of a judge.
On Wednesday August 27th the suspect driver had to stand in front of the judge to justify his actions. Colleagues from the Traffic Department were present during the trial to hear the judge’s verdict and to find out if the report they made was sufficient. After the trial the judge decided that the suspect was fully responsible for his actions and that he was guilty in all the cases that were brought up against him.
The suspect was convicted and sentenced to two months of conditional detention with two years probation. The suspect must serve 80 hours of community service. If the suspect doesn’t comply the conditional punishment becomes actual detention. The suspect has also been restricted from driving any motor vehicle for one year.
This man has to seek professional help to deal with his alcohol addiction and he has to pay for all damages he has caused.