15th Caribbean Jamboree: Life, tracking treasures in Curacao, 2014

About 700 Scouts of 17 countries, including the United States and Denmark, participated in this Jamboree from July 21-28 2014. Scouts were involved in different activities tracking their treasures and making long lasting friends.
To make sure that everyone was up to date with what was happening at the jamboree, every day the CaribJam newspaper was shared to one and all.
Sint Maarten participated with 10 persons of which 6 scouts, 1 leader, 2 IST and 1 contingent leader. You were a participant or you were helping in the organization, all of the St. Maarten delegation had a fun, learning experience and an unforgettable time at the Jamboree.
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Be prepared! Scouts are never taken by surprise; they always know what to do in case of the unexpected. They respect other people and they are always excited to have an adventure, but most importantly they live to have fun. And that was what we did at the Caribbean Jamboree 2014 held in Ronde klip, Curacao on July 21st – 28th .The excursions were exciting, the people were super friendly and that was what led to the experience being extremely FANTASTIC!
The Caribbean Jamboree in Curacao was a fun and very interesting experience for each of us. There were many fun and extravagant activities. Every day there was always a new challenge to test our true abilities in conquering the outdoor life. On our first day, the arrival at the campsite, each sub-camp along with their troops, cleared and prepared the surrounding to pitch the tents and to ensure that the surrounding felt somewhat like home. The following day, all the scouts who were at the Caribbean Jamboree, attended an evening assembly. This was the official opening. The activities I enjoyed the most were the “night hike”, bike ride, zumba and art and performance. There were also other activities such as kayaking, swimming and even a case where we had to bring forth our culture, which was really nice, because we got to share an important part of our country with others as well as get to know a part of theirs. In my opinion I would describe my experience at the Caribbean Jamboree nothing less than the best experience ever! – Taiece Johnson
For me, the Caribbean Jamboree 2014 was a fun, exciting, self-searching as well a learning experience, and a bonus because it aided to me becoming a much better scout. Its schedule of activities, for hundreds of scouts, was one of perfection. The first night on the campsite, was one of the best nights, we had our opening ceremony; this was the night I knew that this camp was one which would be filled with all types of fun; I came to this conclusion when I got the feeling when I saw how we all felt comfortable enough to be ourselves around people we hadn’t known at the time. The best was yet to come, though, because the first night was only the beginning. After our opening night we went up the ladder on the fun scale, conducting lots of activities like; games, snorkeling, beach volleyball, visiting one of their museums, night hikes, aquatic cinema, bike hikes, nature hikes, chances to earn badges, the closing ceremony but my most favorite, getting to know lots of people. The experience was one which words can’t define; our moments were filled with laughter and jolly songs, and pure bliss. Being able to attend this jamboree was one of the best things that happened and it reminded me why I was inspired to be a scout in the first place. This was an experience of a Lifetime! – Nisalyna Bontiff
Scouting Antiano takes this opportunity to invite the youth of Sint Maarten to join our club and the Scout movement. Ms. Merlyn Schaminee-Miguel, District Commissioner and Mohican Group Leader, sends a call out to parents to stimulate their children to join. The group meets every Saturday from 9.00 till 12.00 at their clubhouse in Retreat Estate.
For more information please contact Merlyn Schaminee-Miguel at (+599) 542 4910 / 542 4925, Fax: (+599) 542-4923.