150 baby Hawksbill Sea Turtle Hatchlings Hatch from Nature Foundation Monitored Nest

The St. Maarten Nature Foundation Sea Turtle Watch Group Recorded the Fifth successfully hatched Sea Turtle Nest for the 2014 Turtle nesting season. At approximately four in the afternoon St. Maarten Nature Foundation intern Soraya de la Fuente was conducting the regularly scheduled Sea Turtle Observation Patrol when the Hawksbill Sea Turtle Nest Emerged in the vicinity of White Sands Beach Club on Simpson Bay Beach. Some 150 turtle hatchlings made its way into the ocean. The Sea Turtle Watch Group, joined by local veterinarian Dr. Jovan Halley, was also at hand to ensure that the turtles made their way to the sea safely and removed significant amounts of Sargasso seaweed in order to make it easier for the turtles to reach the ocean.