Prime Minister Wescot-Williams Gives Update on Vorst Property Deal

Raises Questions As to How Far an Individual Minister Can Commit Government


The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams on her radio program One on One with the Prime Minister gave an update on the developments as they relate to the Vorst property case. The PM stated that with the Court Verdict and that there is some concern with regards to the implications this will have for the country; “The Vorst case has culminated into a verdict that has been made known. The issue here is that at some point the colleague Ministers were made aware of an agreement signed by the Minister of Vromi with the Vorst Family for the purchase of a property in Cay Hill. That agreement was signed some months before and the owners were therefore demanding payment. When the Council of Ministers looked at the agreement there were some questions by the Ministers, including the payment amount for the land. At the end of the day it is not the Prime Minister or any other Minister but in fact the taxpayer’s money that is involved in purchasing of the property. With the purchase agreement made by the Minister of VROMI we found that the price was too high and that the taxpayer would not get their fair amount. We therefore asked the Vorst family to renegotiate but because the Minister made the decision to have a purchase agreement with the Family the court now has decided that the Government of St. Maarten, or the Tax payer, has to pay for that purchase, the price of which is way beyond that of the appraisal of the land. The government right now is in a bind because Ministers have not acted according to procedure.


“It is the responsibility of each individual Minister to ensure that they act in accordance with what is allowed and not allowed. We need to look at how far a Minister can commit a country and how far they can go on acting on behalf of Government. I also believe that this should always be public knowledge,” concluded the PM.