PG fruitful visit to Saba

Attorney General Guus Schram this week a visit made to Saba. He has in
his capacity as the PG of the BES islands include discussions with Governor Jonathan
Johnson and the Chief of Police Basic care, Mr. Durk Hiemstra.
The working visit of the PG to Saba was short but on the contrary very informative and helpful. He has
this firsthand tasted what it is to have to work. on a small island A small island
In contrast with the same problems as larger islands such as poverty, domestic violence, alcohol and
drug abuse. The rollout of a standard approach as other larger islands is not the
Mr. Schram was the first visit made to the Office of the Public Prosecutor
Saba. The Office is staffed alternately by a public prosecutor and a prosecutor
(DA) for the sessions. When OM is the role of the Office discussed and how the people of Saba
looks, to the contrary. May be that the OM except for her classic role, an important clear
factor in non-judicial matters. Residents often come to the OM for a
general legal advice.
Subsequently, the PG made a visit to the Governor of Saba, Mr. Jonathan Johnson.
Mentioned come the challenges the island and the small community on a daily
to make. base For this purpose it is necessary that the decision-makers island visit and, together with the
to get to customized solutions. island authorities In addition, also shown
that a small and close-knit community has correctly benefits. Thus the chain partners, more than
collaborate on the larger sister islands, closer together. This is to introduce and
implementation of preventive measures in favor.
Even with the Chief Police Basic care, Mr. Durk Hiemstra, has a work meeting place.
Despite its small capacity and limitations of the island is not only repressive
occurred but is also used a lot to the prevention of side. On the island will soon also
bario director will determine which will be more with the non-emergency taxed imported
business and will act as a facilitator in the district.