COM Meets with Company that provides Emergency and Lifeguard Services

The Council of Ministers (COM) received a presentation from Geovanni Sprott, Executive Advisor/Director of TuckSpro N.V. regarding services provided by the company, which possibly complement Government responsible services.

TuckSpro N.V. provides emergency and lifeguard services, as well as, medical transport services; all personnel employed are certified.

For its lifeguard project, TuckSpro has presently 15 lifeguards certified by the American Lifeguard Association. Sprott stressed the importance of constructing lifeguard towers manned by lifeguards and emergency service workers, as most beaches on St. Maarten have ‘swim at your own risk, no lifeguard on duty’ signs.

This initiative will provide additional safety and service to tourists and visitors in general, as well as to school children while on field trips and Jet Ski users in particular. In overall it will aid in the improvement of the St. Maarten tourism product by providing sufficient and timely emergency and safety services.

Concrete proposals on the various services are to be provided by TuckSpro and presented to the Council of Ministers in order to determine how Government can assist.