Prime Minister Wescot-Williams Highlights Contribution of Indian Families to Development of Country St. Maarten at India Independence Day Celebrations

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams congratulated the members of the Indian Community on St. Maarten at the Indian Merchant’s Association’s event celebrating the India Independence Day at the Belair Community Center Monday. During her address to the crowd the PM highlighted the Indian Community’s commitment to contributing to the society of St. Maarten; “Congratulations to all of the members of the Indian Community of St. Maarten during this India Independence Day celebration. I am always impressed at functions such as these where the history of India is highlighted and reference is made to the Indian Republic. It gives me pause to reflect on St. Maarten. St. Maarten has been a young country since 2010, having our own constitution as St. Maarten, and as I look back from where we have come and as I look forward to where we are going we can learn from countries like India, the largest democracy on Earth. We can recognize that it takes a process to grow as a Nation and to grow as a people.


“India deserves to be congratulated on a day like today for having 65 years of building a Nation and that should be an inspiration for all of us to build Democracy on St. Maarten,” commented Prime Minister Wescot-Williams.


The Prime Minister also thanked the Indian Community for their contribution to the society and economy of St. Maarten and the new generation of St. Maarteners of Indian heritage “I would like to remind all of us that there are families; men, women and children, some who have been born on St. Maarten and are now part of our society, that play such an important role in our country. I would also like to thank all those who do so much to contribute to our community and for raising children that are St. Maarteners and such an important part of our community. You have been such an important part of the community of the island and have played such an important role in growing our economy. You have stayed with us through thick and thin and for this I thank you deeply,” Concluded the Prime Minister.


During the ceremony the Prime Minister also addressed her best wishes on India Independence Day on behalf of the Ambassador of India to Venezuela and the Consul to the Dutch Caribbean Her Excellency Purushottam Smita.