Minister Lake in New Governing Period Monies Need to be reserved for Job Creation

Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake says the nation’s youth need a ‘kick-start’ program and for the new governing term of four years, he will pursue such a program that entails creating jobs for the nation’s youth.

“Why we can’t put money on our budget for economic job creation for our young people to educate and train them to be local entrepreneurs? If we can put Naf. 40 million into completing the government building to pay out RGM, then we should be able to find money to help our youth thrive and live a sustainable life.

“Why we can’t take Naf. 20 million and invest into our young people in order to move this country socially forward? We need to set our priorities straight and take things back to basics to move this country forward.

“In my back to basics approach, I champion agriculture, a sewing center and now local entrepreneurship to facilitate new business development. Government could also offer incentives to the business sector to create work for our youth. For the new governing term I will be promoting this initiative.

“Our unemployment rate is very high among our young people and all they want is a chance and we are not focusing and training them to move forward.

“Let’s invest in our youths and create jobs and opportunities for them. All they are looking for is a chance to feel that they are part of our nation building,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Thursday.

Minister Lake says he applauds the University of St. Martin (USM) with their initiative, a pre-USM program to bridge the gap for Sundial, PSVE, and other high school institutions, which allows these young people to continue fulfilling their educational dream.

“Government and the private sector should invest more into the University of higher learning where they can train and develop the nation’s young people, and offer adult education courses to the community in order to update the knowledge and skills of current employees.

“As Minister of VROMI within the short timeframe that I have served, I tried my best to create as many jobs within my ministry by hiring young people and they did a fantastic job. They took pride and kept their districts clean. Government as a whole can do a lot more for our young people, and stop the talk and invest in them,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake concluded.

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