Minister Lake Releases Vorst Cay Hill Property Vision for Public Housing and Job Creation Center

Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake says in order for the country to move forward, one has to have a vision.

On Wednesday Minister Lake released an illustration of his vision for the Vorst property in Cay Hill. It includes public housing for young professionals who are studying abroad and would like to return home to work; and a commercial job creation center that would create jobs for the unemployed and those seeking work.

The commercial center includes a sewing center that could create 100+ jobs. The Minister’s vision entails persons sewing school uniforms, prison uniforms, hotels and many other businesses that require a uniform. A call center that could create another 100+ jobs is also envisioned for the commercial center where persons won’t have to speak to somebody in Trinidad or India or anywhere else in the world, Minister Lake explained; a mechanical shop to make traffic signs, license plates and other signage.

The public housing part would comprise of two and three bedroom units in a three to four level building for a total of 85 units.

“We have to think ahead and meet the needs of the people. I have been in the various districts and the people that I have met know friends who are out of work and needs a job. With some training, these people can be put to work. Why order traffic signs and license plates from abroad when we could have them manufactured here. It will mean some form of investment being made, but where there is a will there is a way.

“A business plan would be needed that would look at other business opportunities, but it’s a start and it’s putting people to work. Several banks and other entities on the island use call centers, why not a call center here on the island?

“We need to get away from the egos and start thinking and working towards country Sint Maarten. The people want real solutions because they have real issues and during my tenure as minister I have been addressing their issues,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Wednesday.

Minister Lake added that its campaign season now and the various political parties will say anything to win. “You can play politics, but the people want tangible solutions to their needs and I am working to provide the tangible results. My record for the past 12-months speaks for itself.

Minister Lake added that it is better to purchase the Vorst property than lease it. “There are public housing tenants in Cole Bay living on private leased land, and now after 17-years these people have to move because the landowner is no longer interested in leasing the property. The Vorst property is already zoned as mix-use and by purchasing the property for the people it is an investment. There are a binding Letter of Intent and binding clauses, as well as the advice from the Minister of Finance with respect to the budget, so we should move forward and lets provide housing for the people in need and jobs for the people who are out there crying for work,” Minister Lake concluded.