Fines, Warnings Issued and Vehicles Towed in Economic Control Carried out at Airport on Public Transportation Operators

On August 7th the Inspectorate of Economic Affairs that falls under the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication (Ministry TEATT), carried out a control at the Princess Juliana International Airport.


The purpose of this control was twofold, to control the business licenses and other documentation of businesses operating at the airport, and to conduct a control on public transportation operators at the airport.


A combined total of 10 Controllers from Section Transportation and Economic Control from the Ministry spent about four hours on the airport premises during which time all businesses were controlled in the airport terminal to ensure that they were in possession of all the necessary permits and licenses to operate, and that they were operating according to the conditions of their permits.


The Inspectorate focused on rental car operators, tour operators and unscheduled transportation operators.


During the control the Inspectorate found businesses that were operating without a license, or missing documentation in their place of business, namely, proof of registration at the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry, establishment permit and operational license where applicable.


All three documents must be posted in plain view in a business establishment including car rental booths at the airport. The Controllers of the Inspectorate issued warnings to businesses who were found not to be in compliance.


Two fines were issued to drivers’ of tour buses where it was discovered to be operating with an expired motor vehicle insurance and the other did not have a driver’s license with him.


In both cases the motor vehicles were towed. The Inspectorate has also taken note of the longstanding practices of rental car operators on the Dutch side of the island: 1. renting motor vehicles with French registered number plates. This is an illegal practice and must stop. According to the Landsverordening Personenvervoer AB.1969 nr.7 a motor vehicle that is rented on the Dutch side must carry an R-plate. 2. delivering of rentals at the airport or harbour is not allowed, according to the Landsbesluit Personenvervoer Ab 1970, 4 article 17 the car rentals business are not allowed to deliver a motor vehicle with or without a driver at the airport or harbour.
The Inspectorate of Economic Affairs will continue its control and enforcement programs, and stresses to all businesses that they must ensure that they comply with the conditions of their license/ permits and above all comply with the applicable laws at all times or run the risk of facing sanctions.


The control activities are governed by the license country regulation (1963 no.28) and the island regulation of 15 April 1976 in implementation of Article 8.


The Inspectorate received full cooperation from Princess Juliana International Airport management and they have expressed that the controls should continue.