Minister Lourens Signs Financing Agreement for Studying in the Region

Philip signed a financing agreement with USONA, represented by Drs. Angela Dekker, for the project ‘Promoting Studying in the Region’, which was initiated in 2011 and executed for the first time in 2012. This is the third time that students will receive scholarships for studying in the region. Among the recipients will be twelve students, studying at USM, who have been in the program before and have met all the requirements to continue receiving a scholarship. Other beneficiaries are studying at Monroe College and different institutions in the United States.
This project will be funded through funds made available by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), through USONA, for a total of Nafls. 329,518.00. Part of the funds will be used to establish a database for study opportunities (studiekeuzedatabase) in collaboration with the Netherlands, Aruba and Curacao. This database will facilitate students in their search for the study of their choice, both in the Netherlands and in the region, by offering a wide range of information as well as tests on career choice. The Division for Education Innovation will be responsible for monitoring this project.