Minister of Justice Meets signs contract with Maho Group of Companies for Rental of a Unit to house the new office of the Community Police for the Maho and surrounding area

On Wednesday August 6, 2014, the Minister of Justice the Honorable Dennis Richardson met with the Managing Director Mr. Saro Spadaro of the Maho Group of Companies. The meeting was to formally sign the final agreement between the Maho Group of Companies and the Government of Sint Maarten more specifically the Ministry of Justice, for the rental of a unit, to be used as the office of the Community Police for the that area.

The atmosphere was filled with a sense of great satisfaction and a sense of achievement as the placement of this office in that area will provide the guests to the island especially in that area with a greater sense of safety and security. Mr. Spadaro also expressed his satisfaction with the achievement as a proactive gesture by the Ministry of Justice to tackling crime and meeting the need for increased safety.
Present at the meeting were representatives of Justice Ministry; Mr. Ron Van Der Veer (Dir. of the Ministry of Justice’s Cabinet), Mr. Peter de Witte (Police Chief), the acting chief Mr. Carl John, including the Community Police of the Maho and surrounding areas Officer E.S. Josepha and Staff Advisor to the Police Management Klaas Groen