NAGICO collaborates with police to implement crime prevention measures

NAGICO Insurances has partnered with the St. Maarten Police to undertake crime prevention and reduction measures within the business community, with an emphasis on armed robbery awareness.
After weeks of discussions, a management meeting was held on Thursday afternoon July 31st between the two organizations to discuss the increase in robberies in the business community and steps that could be taken to reduce this. Another topic discussed was the increase in stolen vehicles and the plan of action to curb this trend.
“As the largest insurance company on the island, we are no doubt concerned about the increase in the spate of robberies targeting the business community. We are concerned on several levels for the safety of our community, staff and clients because each robbery affects us directly and indirectly.” Eric Ellis; Managing Director of Claims at NAGICO said.
Acting Chief of Police; Commissioner Carl John explained that the police have been working diligently to curtail the spike in robberies and applauded NAGICO for taking the initiative as a private entity to request a partnership with them to address this matter.
“We have implemented several preventative measures to thwart the spate of armed robberies, some obvious to civilians and some not. We have been and continue to work hard behind the scenes to ensure the safety of our community and we have several strategies and projects that we have implemented to facilitate this, so when NAGICO approached us with their plans which were similar to what we had, we decided to make it a joint project as we as the police endorse any public private partnership that achieves our ultimate goal of protecting and serving the community of St. Maarten.” Commissioner John said
Present at the meeting on behalf of NAGICO were C.E.O of NAGICO N.V; Dwayne Elgin; Managing Director of Claims; Eric Ellis, Marketing Assistant & Research Specialist; Lisa Brown; Claims Manager Alberto Philips. In attendance from the Police Force was: Commissioner Carl John, Head of Detectives; Denise Jacobs, Police PRO; Inspector Ricardo Henson, and community Police Officers; Inspector Daryl Chandler, Inspector E.S. Josephina and Inspector Steven Carty.
Future meetings will be scheduled to continue implementing these projects.