TelEm Group assisting with upgrade of L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium

TelEm Group is proud to be named amongst a group of corporate citizens that are helping to upgrade sports facilities around St. Maarten.

In collaboration with the Rebels Vets Basketball Foundation, TelEm Group will be providing a much-needed scoreboard and shot clocks for the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium on the L.B. Scott Road.

The equipment will be used for the first time in November when St. Maarten hosts a veterans basketball tournament, and thereafter it will be utilized by the many teams and organizations that make use of the sports facility each week.

During a brief ceremony at the TelEm Group main building, Pond Island Tuesday, representatives of the Rebels Vets Basketball Foundation received a donation towards purchase of the new equipment and thanked TelEm Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Mrs. Helma Etnel for accepting the group’s offer to assist.

“We have been actively involved this year in the healthy promotion of youth sports, including the placement of positive messages aimed at our youth, around some of the island’s sports facilities and schools, so it is a natural step for us to support this initiative inside the sports arena as well,” said Mrs. Etnel.

Foundation Board member, Emilia Thomas, said the Foundation will be hosting the 7th Edition of the CuraSur Masters Veteran’s Basketball tournament in St. Maarten November 3 – 10, featuring eight (8) teams from St. Maarten, Curacao, French Guiana, British Guyana, St. Eustatius, Suriname and St. Eustatius.

“The tournament promotes the spirit of friendship and sportsmanship amongst veteran basketball teams from various countries in the Caribbean so we are honored to be hosting the event this year,” said Ms. Thomas.

She notes that it was in preparation for the upcoming tournament that the Foundation took on the challenging initiative of soliciting sponsorship/partnership with selected business partners to ensure that the facilities are brought up to the standards established by the tournament principals.

“To this end, the management of TelEm Group graciously accepted to partner with us by sponsoring the purchase of a scoreboard/shot clock which will become part of permanent equipment of the L.B. Scot Sports Auditorium under the auspices of the Foundation Upkeep Sports Facilities,”

“The Rebels Basketball Foundation is self-assured that the improvement to the facilities and purchase of new equipment will surely have a positive impact on the meaning of sports for the users of the L.B. Scot auditorium and in particular our young people,” said Ms. Thomas.