Ministry VSA holds record with fewest complaints registered with the Ombudsman

The Ministry of Public Health Social Development & Labor (VSA) holds the record of having the fewest complaints filed/registered with the Ombudsman in 2013.
An improved screening procedure of complaints filed with the Ombudsman resulted in less complaints registered and investigated. A total of sixty two (62) new complaints were registered in the year 2013 and only three of those complaints were against the Ministry VSA.
In 2011 15 complaints were filed against the ministry. Though the number of complaints filed with the Ombudsman was proportionally less than the complaints filed in previous year, the Bureau handled more citizens in need of information.
The Statistics complaints per ministry in % are as follows: Ministry of General Affairs (GA) 16.13%, Ministry of Finance 17.74%, Ministry of Justice 19.35%, Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports 9.68%, Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Public Transportation and Telecommunication (TEZVT) 14.62%, Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, environment and Infrastructure (VROMI) 14.62%, Public Health, Social Development and Labor (VSA) 4.84%.
Minister de Weever stated: “I am proud of my ministry and the work that every civil servant in it has done to improve the overall service to the people we help. We have all grown so much in three and a half years and I want us to all stay on this course and continue to improve the lives of the people we assist every day.”