Minister Lake says road paving and other community improvements coming to the district of St. Peters

Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake said on Thursday that his ministry will be executing a number of community improvement projects in the district of St. Peters within short.
“Road paving of certain streets is tentatively scheduled to start next week. Some additional street lights are also to be installed in the district.
“Community improvements in the district didn’t start a week or two ago or a month ago. Since I became Minister in June 2013, I have visited the various districts and my ministry with the assistance of other government entities as well as NV GEBE has worked diligently in addressing the issues important to the residents of the neighborhood.
“I know its election time now and the politicians are now out there saying that nothing has been done, but that is far from the truth. I have been open and transparent in the community development activities that have been carried out in the various districts in collaboration with working with the various community councils and other neighborhood groups,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Thursday.
Within short neighborhood youths also referred to the ‘boys on the block’ will be given the opportunity to clean the entrance going into St. Peters as well painting the graffiti left behind by others.
“As a community we have to take pride in our neighborhoods. Everybody has a responsibility to make sure their area is clean by cleaning their yards and outside or in front of their property.
“I would like to thank Meadowlands Waste Haulage Company for their dedication and interests in keeping their community clean. They have gone the extra mile.
“We all must remember, as individuals, we have the responsibility to clean up our garbage and put it properly in the bin. Meadowlands has done its part and will continue to work with the community as well,” Minister Maurice Lake pointed out.
The Minister added that speed bumps have been added to improve safety in the neighborhood; streetlights have been installed to improve security; the basketball field has been repaired; and trees have been trimmed with the assistance of the Fire Department and Meadowlands; contracts have been signed with local contractors to keep the neighborhoods clean.
“During the past 12-months my ministry has been very active in many districts. I have spoken to many people about the concerns they have and in my back to basics approach we have dealt with them, but of course district improvement is an on-going process and not a one-time fix it. My approach is for the long-term in continuing to review what needs to be done and action will be taken to repair and replace.
“The community councils and other representative organizations know where to reach me or my ministry with respect to any urgent issues that need to be addressed. We have had an excellent working relationship,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake concluded.