TelEm Group restores services to Pelican Key, customers with self-block feature still affected

TelEm Group has restored all voice and internet services to customers in Pelican Key area after carrying out emergency repairs to a damaged underground cable nearby.

Repair work began Wednesday morning and was completed shortly after noon Thursday.

TelEm Group said customers still experiencing communication issues should report the problem to TelEm Group’s Helpdesk for further investigation.

Wednesday’s outage in the Pelican Key area is not connected to last week’s major outage of TelEm Group and Smitcoms N.V. telecommunication services which affected internet and international customers island-wide.

TelEm Group says since that outage, internet services have been completely restored however an issue remains with customers using a self-block code feature on their residential and business phones.

“With the assistance of one of our vendors we are busy resolving this issue whereby customers with the self-block code feature are experiencing problems making local and international calls,” said Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Eldert Louisa.

He said as of 6:00 pm Thursday a solution was still being sought and apologized to customers for the interruption in service.