TelEm Group technicians tackling network issues

TelEm Group technicians are busy tackling network issues that have been affecting residential and business customers during the past two days.

The issues follow a major outage of telecommunication services last week and are affecting internet, mobile and international customers.

Technicians were also called upon Wednesday to make emergency repairs to a damaged cable in the Pelican Key area where internet and voice service was also affected.

“We are busy looking into these problems and are working diligently to restore all services as soon as possible,” said TelEm Group Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Mr. Eldert Louisa.

He said by 5:00 pm Wednesday, an issue with internet connections had been resolved and a temporary solution for customers at Pelican Key had been found until more permanent repairs can be carried out the following day.

Mr. Louisa said a preliminary report following last week’s outage did not identify any major problem with the company’s network infrastructure but indicated that a fault on the switching equipment was a contributing factor.

“We thank customers for their calls about how their services are being affected and they can rest assured that we are taking note of their complaints. We are doing all we can to restore their services as soon as we possibly can,” said Mr. Louisa, who has also apologized to residential and business customers for these interruptions.