Economic Inspection Control carried out at Chevron Bulk in Cape Bay

The Economic Inspection Department (TEZVT) that falls under the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication (Ministry TEATT), on July 8 carried out a control at Chevron Bulk in Cape Bay.


The control was related to re-calibration of scales at Chevron Bulk.  During an earlier control in the third week of June, two of the scales were in need of re-calibration.


During the early July control, Chevron’s operation’s coordinator, scales operator and a technician of Olympic Manufacturer were present.


Four scales were calibrated and found to be in good working order.  The inspectors placed stickers of compliance on the equipment.


TEZVT is actively controlling business for violations and there will be consequences for infractions of the law.  Every business has to comply with the law.


TEZVT will carry out controls alone and along with other ministries and government entities in their efforts to ensure that business compliance to existing rules, regulations and or norms are adhered to.


Businesses are requested to make sure that they have their paperwork in order and ready for display when EID controllers request such during economic activity control activities.


EID activities are governed by the license country regulation (1963 no.28) and the island regulation of 15 April 1976 in implementation of Article 8.