The Police department on Tuesday July 15th continued with their general control and acting on tips that came into the police department four stolen vehicles were found on the premises of a home located on Paris Drive in the Bishop Hill area. These vehicles were two Suzuki SX4 cars, one Kia Sportage jeep and one Hyundai Getz. During the investigation it was clear to see that the VIN-numbers on some of these vehicles were tampered with while the documents for the other vehicle did not correspond for that specific vehicle. At least one of these cars is known to have been reported stolen on the French Side of the island. At the back of the home where these stolen cars were found a total of 23 marihuana plants were found and confiscated for further investigation. All vehicles in question and the marihuana were confiscated for further investigation. In connection with this case one man with the initials S.C. was arrested and taken to the police head quarters where he remains in custody for further investigation.

On the same note the police are informing the general public that they should take all necessary precautions to prevent them from becoming of victim of any criminal act. Recently many vehicles have been stolen, robberies and break-ins taking place on the island and the police are doing their utmost to suppress this situation by launching a general control to find all of these vehicles, have them returned to their rightful owners and arrest those responsible for any criminal act they commit. There have been some blogs that were posted on local internet-sites trying to intimidate the police officers. The message to those individuals is that the officers will not feel intimidated in any form or fashion and will not stop carrying out their duty by conducting these controls. Sint Maarten is a free country and the police are here to serve the community by protecting them and providing them with safety and security they deserve.