Minister Lake presents trench cleaning contracts for local entrepreneurs

Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake on Monday presented contracts for local entrepreneurs with respect to trench cleaning.
Minister Lake pointed out that he has provided work to local small businesses during his 13-month tenure as minister.
“The local entrepreneurs have been my main focus. If I am able to provide employment opportunities from within my ministry, I will do so, because there is work to be done within the districts.
“These small business entrepreneurs will clean the trenches in a number of districts including South Reward. By keeping the trenches clean, we solve two problems, firstly, the clearing of brush doesn’t allow mosquito’s to breed in hidden containers.
“We lower the possibility for mosquito breeding in our neighborhoods thereby cutting down on the incidence of dengue and chickungunya. At the same time, cleared and cleaned trenches allow for the free flow of rain water because we are in the hurricane season.
“These young entrepreneurs by taking care of the districts; it instills pride in our communities because they are doing something for the common good. This program is all about creating employment for our youngsters in the different districts,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Monday.
The following companies received contracts to clean the following districts: Parcel 2 Cay Hill and Cul de Sac, Topxic; Parcel 2 Section 2 South Reward and Ebenezer, Blue Cleaners; Parcel 3 Philipsburg, Sucker Garden, Point Blanche, Madame Estate and the Pond Area, Garden Boys Cleaning Service; Parcel 4 Lower Princess Quarter, Middle Region and Oyster Pond, S.M. Green Diamond. Parcel 1 is still to be finalized.