Police arrests 4 suspects

On Saturday July 5th at approximately 07.45 p.m. information reached the Police Central Dispatch informing them that shortly before an armed robbery had taken place at a Chinese Supermarket in Marigot on the French side and that the suspects in question fled the scene in a grey colored vehicle heading towards the Dutch side. Immediately all police patrols were informed of the incident and to be on the look out for the possible suspects. During the search four men two of whom fitting the description of the suspects were arrested at a home in the Simpson area. Information was that these men were seen earlier driving in a grey colored car. During a search of the vehicle they were in at the time an amount of marihuana, cash, phone cards and two machetes were found and confiscated. The suspects A.J.G. (21), D.M.P. (20), J.C.M.C. and L.D.S. (21) were taken to the Philipsburg Police Station and handed over to the Detective Department for questioning. The investigation is ongoing.