Civil registry back office staff do very well on tests

Head of the Civil Registry Department Leona Marlin-Romeo, said on Monday that all Back Office staff passed their tests with the highest grade coming in at 8.6.

Back Office staff at the department did a course in Nationality, Migration, Documents & Petitions, and Elections.

The course was given by Censor Bestuur and was financed by USONA.

The course took place between May 26 and June 28. Exams took place on a weekly basis.

The staff made a guidebook for the last module on Elections and this will be presented to the Minister of General Affairs for review and possible implementation.

“Management would like to extend congratulations to each one of the Back Office workers as this was an intensive training that required their dedication, input, and time.

“These courses will assist the department to continue to strive for excellence in their work, and with the training staff members that are competent in their given tasks. The results of the Front Office staff will be known within short,” Department Head Leona Marlin-Romeo said on Monday.