Iris Arrindell hereby announces her candidacy on the UP Party for the August 29th election.

I have completed my studies at the University of the Netherlands Antilles, and hold a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

My love for Sint Maarten brought me back after completing my studies to make my contribution. I represented the Union (workers of Sint Maarten) in the Social Economic Council of the former Netherlands Antilles for a number of years, I am in my 10th year functioning as board member on the Vidanova Pension Fund, I have actively participated in bringing about awareness of the issues via radio programs.

Currently one of my functions is President of the GEBE Social Club and a few years back I was elected President of the Caribbean Utilities Employees Association.

There is a slogan that says: “You have to be in it to win it”. This also help me to realize that to make meaningful change I will have to be elected to parliament to legislate, initiate and effect change that will impact my fellow citizens in a positive way.

My slogan for this election is Ready, Willing & Able. Iris is ready to serve, Iris is ready to listen to you the people and Iris is committed and able to accomplish.

I have listened to the people and realize/understand that we are suffering and in need of proper representation. From the need of affordable homes, the purchasing power of the working class, proper care for the elderly, too many unsupervised and hungry children, the lack of service within some of our government institutions, no price control, employment possibilities, high utility bills, to trying to make it thru the month financially: I can say that positive change is inevitable.

The only way to go now from where we are is UP.