The American Clinic Applauds News of a New National Hospital. Willing to provide medical specialists

Dr. Sam Hess, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The American Clinic (TAC) welcomes the recent news of a new national hospital for the country, adding that this would be very beneficial to the health care needs of the local population.


Dr. Hess added that the American clinic has been and will continue to work closely with the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) with regard to providing specialist care that is not currently available on the island. All referrals to the American clinic will be made through primary care physician referrals or from the SMMC directly.


“Also we will endeavour to work with the SMMC and its staff to provide educational programs and screenings in the community. We are dedicated and committed to partnering as closely as possible with SMMC and the government of St. Maarten to augment the current system and make St. Maarten a pillar of medical excellence in the Caribbean. All of our work will potentially translate into millions of dollars in cost savings per year and prevent needless deaths and progression of disease.


“We are committed to working closely with SMMC to improve the quality of medical care available to the people of St. Maarten. We are not interested in competing with SMMC.

“Our project is unique when compared to other medical tourism wellness facilities throughout the world. Rarely does a medical tourism project help the resident population. We on the other hand have committed to assisting SMMC and the Social Health & Insurance Organization (SZV) in providing the best medical care and preventing delays in diagnosis and treatment which is what the people of St. Maarten want,” Dr. Hess pointed out.

“Families would be able to be present for their loved ones procedures, and provide post-operative love and support right here at home. This would prevent the necessity for people to have to travel to other Caribbean islands or South and Central America where they may not speak the language and where many complications have occurred.

“Importantly, post-operative and post procedure care would be provided on the island by the physicians who performed the procedures rather than being hundreds or thousands of miles away. Because we are a center for medical tourism, we can use our resources and funds received from the tourism component of our project to provide care for Dutch St. Maarten residents at reasonable predetermined tariffs.

“TAC envisions having the specialist and equipment in place to cater to the needs of the St. Maarten people while working side by side with SMMC which would continue to be the national hospital of the country that meets the basic health needs of the population.

“TAC’s role comes into play in areas that SMMC is not able to focus on. This is where the synergy between both health care institutions would be a win-win for the community of St. Maarten,” TAC CEO Dr. Sam Hess concluded.