Democratic Party Opens Campaign Headquarters on Pondfill

Start of ‘You Can’t Buy My Vote’ Campaign

The Democratic Party of St. Maarten (DP) will open its campaign headquarters above the Soualiga Service Point in the former Movies 1 and 2 building on the Pondfill on Friday, July 4th. The opening will also feature the launch of the “You Can’t Buy My Vote” Campaign.

This campaign is one of several that the DP will launch, sticking to it’s commitment to “a new style of politics”.

The “You Can’t Buy My Vote” campaign is to educate and encourage the electorate not to be fooled by gimmicks and empty promises.

The DP leader put it this way: ” Again we are seeing this election year where some politicians are using our people and luring them with promises of payment and pay-offs. That some political parties have no intention to stop this practice is evident. And so it will take the resolve of the people to stop these politicians.”

The campaign is one of awareness and yes, say it as it is: ” You Can’t Buy My Vote”.

Stickers and wristbands promoting the “You Can’t Buy My Vote campaign will be available for all and music will be provided by DJ Rude.

DP President Hasani hailed the campaign as an eye opener. “We need to do things differently. Many young people say this every day. Is the establishment ready for this new approach? We will see.”

The Party will also continue the presentation of its candidates, TOGETHER with its candidates. That in itself is different from what we see happening.

“We need to get Real and stop the individual “we come to save St. Maarten” attitude. Politics is about more than wishful thinking.

What does our country need more than anything else, going into this election campaign? We need leadership, genuine and compassionate leadership, year-round leadership. We need the face of this country to be presentative and deserving of the people’s trust.

You, the people need to be able to sleep well, knowing that your government looks after you, and not after themselves and a selective few.

DP leader: “Stability, honesty, openness, integrity, knowledge and realistic hopefulness will be key themes going forward.”

The Public is encouraged to attend the event that kicks off at five pm. on Friday the 4th of July.