UP Party First to Announce Six District Public Meetings for upcoming elections

The board of the United People’s (UP) party hereby would like to inform the people of the country and its membership and supporters that it’s ready with respect to the district public meetings for the upcoming August 29, 2014 parliamentary elections.
“We ready,” declared the UP board. “Our readiness is a clear indication of our preparations for this election and our ability to govern with the people’s outright mandate.
“I’m extremely pleased with the out pouring of support towards the UP Party with respect to the on-going ‘we ready’ activities of the party. The UP party is ready for its district public meetings where the candidates will get the opportunity to profile themselves to the voting public. The party has six meetings scheduled.
“At the same time, the district public meetings offers the UP Party the opportunity to bring forth its UP agenda to move this country forward where we continue to improve the quality of life for our people and create opportunities for all,” Leader of the UP Party Member of Parliament Hon. Theo Heyliger said on Sunday.
The first of six district public meetings will be held on Thursday, July 31 at the James Property in Sucker Garden.
The second meeting is Thursday, August 7 at the Plantz Family Property in Dutch Quarter; third meeting, Tuesday, August 12 at Simpson Bay Corner/Kim Sha Beach, Simpson Bay; fourth, meeting, Tuesday, August 19, Critchlow Property located at the entrance of St. John’s Estate, St. Peters/Cul de Sac; fifth meeting, Thursday, August 21, Causeway, Cole Bay (property on the right of the Causeway bridge when entering from the round-a-bout in Cole Bay); and the final meeting, Wednesday, August 27, Ring Road, Philipsburg.
All district public meetings are scheduled to begin at 7.00pm and end by 1.00am.
“We have no doubt that the electorate will embrace every opportunity to listen to the UP candidates and hear directly the concerns of our party and that we are ready to address the national issues of the country with solutions from the UP Agenda.
“The UP family is inviting one and all to mark the dates in your calendars and to come and join with the UP party throughout the five weeks as the candidates and the party leader informs the electorate,” the UP board concluded in a statement on Sunday.