Minister Lake meets with seniors to encourage them to take part in NV GEBE Utility Relief Program

Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake, on Friday met with senior citizens at the John Larmonie Center.

Minister Lake’s message was to encourage them to sign-up for NV GEBE’s Utility Relief Program, and seniors have until the end of the day on Monday, June 30 to do so.

“I told our senior citizens at the John Larmonie Center not to get caught up in emotions. There is a group out there trying to confuse seniors, and they have a different agenda, and are not working in the best interests and in good faith where senior citizen issues are concerned,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Friday.

Minister Lake added, “Whether your bill is high or low, still fill in the NV GEBE Utility Relief Program form. NV GEBE is then able to analyze the information and make a decision.

“I have always stated, there is no politics when it comes to senior citizen issues. Our elders are very much responsible for the position that many people hold in different professions. I can say from experience, what I learnt from my elders, helped me to function in the position that I currently hold,” Minister Lake pointed out.

NV GEBE will also be carrying out an awareness program geared towards the senior citizen population about cost saving measures such as changing their light bulbs to LED.

Minister Lake said the seniors at the John Larmonie Center were very pleased with his visit and the information that he shared with them, and were of the opinion that NV GEBE should be given the opportunity to provide the relief that they said they would provide to the senior citizen community.