St. Maarten Poets to commemorate Emancipation Day

Soualigan Fyah, a sub-entity of Foundation 5 Square Miles St. Martin, and the Department of Culture will host a pre-Emancipation Day poetry night on Saturday, June 28th.
The event, which will be held at Axum Art Café on Frontstreet at 7:30pm will feature a series of poets and spoken word artists reading on the topic of emancipation.
Lysanne Charles-Arrindell, founder and president of Foundation 5 Square Miles St. Martin, which is the parent organization of Summer Speaks, Winter’s Words and Soualigan Fyah, said that the poets were excited to participate in this year’s emancipation day program ‘The Journey and Beyond.’
“The poets are ready and eager to present their poems about emancipation. Each poet will read two poems, one about emancipation and St. Maarten in the historical sense and one about emancipation in the more contemporary sense. There will also be an open mic section where those in attendance can read,” Charles-Arrindell.
The program is offered to the public free of charge and the public is encouraged to come out and enjoy the evening with the poets, while reflecting on the importance of Emancipation Day.
“Emancipation Day is such an important historical moment for us as St. Maarten people and we, as poets, are happy that it is finally getting the attention that it deserves and that we can play our part in this. Our poetry will reflect the respect that we have for our ancestors who obtained their freedom and also the struggles and victories since and the different interpretations we each have of emancipation now,” Charles-Arrindell said.
Charles-Arrindell said that the poets look forward to sharing their work with the island’s population, not only on this day, but on others in the future.