Minister Lake meets with Taxi Association and discusses beautification, taxi stands, public restrooms and infrastructure

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry of VROMI) Hon. Maurice Lake, met on Monday with the Taxi Association regarding a number of matters.

Regarding taxi stands, the Taxi Association would like to construct one in Simpson Bay which would be manned 24/7. They would also like to request to build a Dispatcher Booth at the Clem Labega Square.

Road markings for taxi parking needs to be painted at Diamond Casino in Philipsburg; Maho Reef; Sea Palace, and the association would like Ministry VROMI to take care of this.

The Taxi Association would also like the issue of public restrooms addressed with respect to looking into the feasibility of having them in Philipsburg, and in the vicinity of Sea Palace.

In the meeting the matter of all taxi’s having access to Front Street was discussed and it was decided that this matter needed to be brought forward to the Minister of Transportation and the Minister of Justice.
Beatification and disabled accessibility were also issues that were addressed in the meeting. Handicap accessibility in Philipsburg was discussed.

Beautification and trimming of trees on Link One and by Harold Jack on the hill in connection with visitors safety and picture taking at the scenic location were points discussed and to be addressed.

Cleaning of the well at Bishop Hill road, signage and history plaques of the Great Salt Pond and a beautification plan while driving along the Sucker Garden main road were also addressed in the meeting that took place at the Government Administration Building.

A community project was also suggested where the Taxi Association and Ministry VROMI would come together to clean and beautify a specific area.

“The meeting was constructive and a lot of ground was covered. The issues varied across the board, but it was good to hear about the concerns and views of the taxi association. They are a very important partner in our economy, considered the Ambassadors of Sint Maarten who meet and greet our tourists on a daily basis.

“A plan of action will be drafted based on the areas we discussed. A follow-up meeting will be held in two weeks to see where we are at based on the issues discussed. We all understand the importance of our tourism economy and must work together to improve things where necessary,” Minister Hon. Maurice Lake said on Monday.