Art of Living to give ‘Happiness Workshop’

Art of Living Foundation St. Maarten is hosting a ‘Happiness Workshop’ planned for Monday, June 16 to 19 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm each day at Sun Insurance Building in Cole Bay (above Blue Point).
This four-day workshop will focus on helping participants to gain a greater insight into how happiness can be fostered creating a healthier lifestyle, improve a gloomy outlook, feel energized every day and share happiness with loved ones and everyone around.
International Art of Living Teacher Dushyant Savadia, who will facilitate the programme said everyone can benefit from this programme. The programme will provide practical tools to achieve happiness and exercises and breathing techniques aimed at creating a healthier outlook.
The breathing exercises ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ will teach how to breathe to change the way you feel and techniques will be shared on how to eliminates stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression, leaving the mind calm, focused and the body energized, completely relaxed.
This program will also empower and give participants the tools to change bad moods that at times go on and on, periods of low energy when all seems to go the wrong way, the habit of suppressing negative emotions/experiences, lack of confidence, baseless fears that occupy your thoughts that pain in the body that stubbornly keeps returning.
The “Happiness Programme” costs US $75 per person. Previous Art of Living Course participants can access this course for US $50 per person. To register for the programme, call Art of Living Teacher Kapil Bhatia on 554-3019.