Minister of Education Learning Unlimited Graduation Speechdelivered on Tuesday, June 10

Graduation Message 2014
Learning Unlimited

Salutation: Good Evening,
Protocol: (graduates, parents, teachers, members of the school board, officials from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports, family members, friends, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen),

Today we come together to recognize and celebrate the successful completion of your studies at Learning Unlimited.
I am very privileged to be here, and I am absolutely delighted to share this special moment with you.
Today marks the first day of starting a new chapter. Up to this point in time quite a number of persons have played a role in your success today by providing invaluable support and guidance. This new chapter that will be written about your life, will be one in which you become the principal writer of the script as you will be the one to take full responsibility for your success in life.
To successfully write this chapter you will have to possess or find your passion for learning, have the passion and desire to be successful….. you will have to have the determination to try again when you make a mistake.
I can clearly see that your parents and teachers are very proud of you on what you have been able to accomplish, and are looking forward to you continuing your journey.
I also want to remind you that as you continue to educate yourself, that not only would you personally benefit from it , but you will also be contributing to the building up of the human capital of this country. This country like every other country puts its future development in the hands of its youth, as the youth are expected to bring vitality, freshness, energy and new ideas to the forefront of things.
You have the energy , the freshness and the dreams to make positive things happen for yourself and for this country.
Today is an occasion to mark hard work, and perseverance.
. Your future aspirations are part of your destiny.
From here on forward, you must continue to maximize your fullest potential. You have the drive to succeed. Remember to continue to reach for their stars
Our country offers opportunities. It is up to you to go after those opportunities once you complete your studies.
The diploma that you will obtain today is a strong foundation for further learning.
Please remember on your new adventure, to be passionate in what you do as that will be your guide in attaining what you have set out to achieve.
You have an exciting future ahead, make good use of it.
Like your parents, I hope to see you grow into accomplished young adults.
I wish you all the best for the future.
Thank you and congratulations once again on behalf of the Government of Sint Maarten.

May God Bless you all
Thank you

Minister Hon. Patricia Lourens
Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports

Tuesday, June 10, 2014