On Sunday June 8th the St. Maarten Amateur Athletic Association held an Age Group Selection Meet. The purpose of this event was to select eight athletes to compete in Aruba at the Dutch Caribbean Age group Championship..
These Boys & Girls athletes will be competing in two categories. Group 11/12 competing in 5 different events. And group 13/14 will compete in 7 events.
This event will take place from June 26 to June 29th 2014 in ARUBA.

The Selection Competition held over the week end was opened to all schools and clubs. We had a participation of 38 athletes, of which the greater part of the participants were ages 10 & under.
All in all this was a successful event.

Results of this event was as following:
One male athlete category 13/14 qualified directly and have the level and potential to make a podium appearance in Aruba.
Three Athletes one male & two female in the category 11/12 have the potential to qualify but are lacking the skills to make the level in their respective categories.
Eight other athletes are talented but needs lots of work to qualify in making the required level.
In addition due to school test week exams, other athletes did not get to compete.

Conclusion: It is decided by the board to have a second and last qualifying meet.
This event will take place within two weeks. JUNE 22nd 2014 to be exact.
It is advised that all athletes wanting to make the team come out and better prepare by working on their skills and techniques.
These athletes can contact the Board of the Association for further notices.

Other points of great importance:
1. Pass port and other travel documents needs to be in order.
2. Athletes will stay at the Talk of the Town Hotel in Orange stad.
3. For those who do not make the cut, we encourage them to continue training regular.
4. A parents contribution will be charge, which can be collected by means of a fundraising drive and will go towards: Airfare, Hotel stay and Airport tax.

For more information please contact the board of the St. Maarten Amateur Athletic Association at Phone 5265965 / 5879089.