National Alliance Gets Approved For Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

The team of the NATIONAL ALLIANCE is pleased to announce that the registration for the August 29th, 2014 Elections has been APPROVED.  This confirms that the NATIONAL ALLIANCE will be participating in the upcoming elections. On Friday June 6th, 2014 the President of Party, Mr. Cedric James and Deputy Leader, Ms. Silveria Jacobs met with the Electoral Council and were informed that the registration had been approved.
President of the NATIONAL ALLIANCE, Cedric James said that this is a great moment for all of us and he wants to thank all for their input and time leading up to this.  The hard work has now begun!
Deputy Leader, Silveria Jacobs mentioned that this was not an achievement of the direct party members only but all St. Maarteners can feel proud as there has been a long history leading up to this moment. Over the long history of the party, many have contributed in some form or the other and their contributions were taken up in the final document. She congratulated the entire island and reminded them to always put ST. MAARTEN FIRST.